2013 Was A Successful Year For APP-NW Members!

APP-NW member Suzanne Owens-Duvall describing how she said “no” to unpaid work in 2013 – and ended up getting paid more than she expected!

What a year it’s been for actors in the Pacific Northwest!

We asked you to share your success stories with us at the last Actors Happy Hour of the year – and when several Portland-area actors gathered at Foster-Powell’s Bar Maven on December 16, many a story was told!

Professional performers know they can’t let others define “success” for them; in the competitive industry we all work in it’s important to focus on the victories that one has achieved rather than dwell on things that might not have worked out as well as expected.  To that end, the assembled performers heard a variety of stories –

  • They talked about auditions for high-profile projects that may not have been booked – but just being considered large projects is a success unto itself!


  • They heard about performers saying “no” to unsafe or non-paid work – and congratulated them when those projects decided to adhere to professional standards by compensating those same actors and treating them fairly on the set.


  • They discussed the growth of Oregon’s film and television industry in general, and applauded the high quality work Northwest performers are putting on display for producers who come to shoot in our region


  • And, of course, they congratulated each other on bookings big AND small!

Of course, the evening wasn’t all about performers celebrating each others successes… smiles were aplenty as the assembled actors shared a drink and a bite to eat with their friends and colleagues – and some of the performers won some fabulous tools to make their 2014 even more successful!

Congratulations to Dennis Fitzpatrick for winning a gift certificate to Tim True’s PATA Citywide Audition Workshop!

Congratulations to Scott McMahon for winning a Bar Maven gift certificate!

Congratulations to Neil Wade Freer for winning an Actor’s Holdon Log!

So what about you, Northwest actors?  What are your success stories from 2013?  Let us know in the comments below – and don’t spend too much time dwelling on the year that’s passed… it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to build a successful 2014!  In fact, we want to know your plan for the coming year; mark your calendars now for APP-NW’s first #ActorsHappyHour of 2014 on January 20 when we’ll be discussing your goals for the new year!