APP-NW and NW REGIONAL LATINO THEATRE ALLIANCE would like to invite you.

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Hello Theatre­Makers of the Pacific Northwest

We hope 2015 finds you well. As you may know, last year marked the 1st Annual NW Regional Latino Theatre Auditions (Equity/ Non Equity) organized by Seattle’s eSe Teatro, hosted by A Contemporary Theatre. We were thrilled that there was participation by all the major theatres of Seattle as well as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and small theatres as well. Over 30 Latino actors attended from Seattle, Portland, LA, Chicago and New York, and at least 10 actors were cast as a direct result of this initiative. A wonderful article in the Seattle Times marked the importance of this event. You can read the article here.

We are pleased to officially announce the 2nd Annual NW Regional Latino Theatre Auditions!

Over the past years we’ve all had conversations in different forums about multicultural casting and the challenge of finding talent for ethnically specific plays. We have talked about our desire to support diversity and expansive casting in the Northwest both at large and small theatres, and the importance of strengthening ethnically specific theatre organizations. We believe this is what keeps theatre in the NW region vibrant, relevant and representative of our expanding population. The aim of the NW Regional Latino Theatre Alliance is to connect Northwest theatre makers by sharing resources, information and artistic expertise.

We trust this initiative will be echoed in other parts of the country.

 All the major theatres of Seattle will be in attendance, as well the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Portland Center Stage and Milagro of Portland.

Actors are welcome to present in English, Spanish, bilingual or Spanglish. You will have three minutes total to present up to two contrasting monologues, contemporary and/or classical. You will be timed. Don’t feel obligated to use a particular accent or Spanglish. Choose what you think represents your talent best. If you present a monologue in Spanish, you MUST also present a monologue in English. Not all auditors speak Spanish and we want to make sure that the full scope of your talent is understood. For a time slot please write to ​​ and put NW REGIONAL LATINO THEATRE AUDITIONS in the subject line. Actors traveling from Oregon (or farther) will have a preference for afternoon slots. You will receive a reply with instructions and a time slot within a week. If you have any questions, please write to ​

Hosted by ACT Theatre ​(700 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101)​April 18th, 9am ­ 5pm.