APP-NW Annual Meeting, February 16, 2016 Year in Review 2015 presented by Christopher Toyne, Co-chair


2015 has been a memorable year!
Our monthly Actors Happy Hour – herein now referred to as AHH! – have been full of both cheer and packed with professional tips and information. We started off on JANUARY 20TH with our viewing at Wine On Williams of President Obama’s State of the Union and discussion thereafter. February 17th was last year’s Annual Meeting with the AHH! round-up and discussion of the future year on March 2nd.
The new Board got off to a bang with their first AHH! on April 21st with financial advisor Andrew Pollack, Meisner coach Chris Harder and Age & Gender Equity in the Arts specialist Jane Vogel.
At the Board Retreat in early May – a constitutional requirement – we set our primary goal: to
finance and formalize our ‘Non-Profit’ status as a 501(C)3.
We supported the 2015 Oregon Film Industry Day of in Salem on May 18th followed the next day by an amazing AHH! at Mother’s Bistro. Here OMPA’s then Executive director Nathaniel Applefield and Executive Director of Oregon Film Tim Williams, supported by producer Lara Cuddy, briefed us fully on OPIF and its baby brother i-OPIF. Then Nathaniel led a spirited “Paddle Raiser” collecting $100s in cash and pledges. We achieved our goal and resources to file for 501(C)3 in one night!
Our June AHH! returned to Happy Hour enlightenment: agent Damon Jones; PR guru Lyla Foggia, APP-NW co-founder and Advisory Board member Harold Phillips, and APP-NW Preferred Producer Brian Gotts worked up our “Self-Marketing.”
There is a great write-up on this evening on our web-site by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Continuing this theme the September AHH! carried on the broad theme when Elizabeth led our discussion on “Red Flags – Recognizing when might an Audition or offer be too good to be true” and “When is it OK to turn down a role.” Thank you Elizabeth for all you do for APP-NW.
This led us to our first major Saturday event, with a corker of a workshop, beautifully organized and orchestrated by Chrisse Roccaro on October 10th. Wow! Self-inflicted Auditions: How to self-produce your auditions and get them where they need to go.”
Erin Goodman of Cast Iron Studios; Taylor Harris, Ryan Artists; Dennis Troutman, Option Model & Media; Damon Jones, Actors In Action; Duane Hanson in his role of the local SAG-AFTRA Board, all filled us with great info. Above all, our “man with the camera” Martin Vavra of Galaxy Sailor Productions took us through a whole raft of tips and equipment requirements with great wit, charm and technical savvy.
Follow that! Well we did and will continue to do so. At October’s AHH! at Mad-sons we discussed “Hiatus Down Time. How to tune up and keep your skills sharp.”Guest speakers featured an extraordinary conversation with Jana Lee Hamblin and Mike Prosser.
At November’s AHH! we started the Season of Good Will with some good cheer! The January 2016 AHH! at Produce Row was led by Lori Lewis, principal at FreeSpirit Casting on “How to get ready for an audition.” Special kudos must go to Michele Mariana for ever keeping on the prowl to find new, inexpensive, pleasant venues to hold our AHH!s. Thank you ‘Chele. All of these evenings are written up on our website with tons of tips and insights. A huge shout-out to Yolanda Porter for redesigning it into such a handsome, accessible site. Thank you ‘Yolie. Also to Darius Pierce for that thankless task of Secretary, often while performing at some far-flung theater. And to Lanie Hoyo for leading the membership and outreach drive.
So where do we go from here in 2016? It is obvious to the outgoing Board and its recommendation for consideration for the 2016 Board that meetings – AHH!s – are best received with an educational component, as well as good cheer. To keep our organization viable we recommend perhaps four a year. With our Annual Meeting and Christmas gathering, that your make our six meetings every other month, rather than monthly. We would love your input here on our Facebook page or at
In 2016 we must use our official status as a 501(c)3 to its best advantage, while allowing our
members’ contributions to be used as a tax allowance. Remember we are still an organization
without membership dues and depend on contributions, raffles etc.
Acting as interim Treasurer, I can report that we are financially sound – not rolling in it – but as
of today we have $1,197.63¢ in the bank.
Much of this is to the amazing success APP-NW had, as a full partner, in the Oregon Actor Awards on November 23, where we “ran” the silent auction and raffle, and shared in the proceeds! Again, a thank you to APP-NW founder Nathaniel Applefield for his support.
Another huge shout-out to Chrisse Roccaro for leading the charge, and to Linda Gross for being the APP-NW / OMPA Board Liaison on the event. I give you Chrisse and Linda!
Finally, please remember our Preferred Producer’s program. Visit the “Producers” button on
the website. If you have a good experience on set with a production that respects our seven
core Standards, persuade them to sign up. We advertise producers that “sign-up” on the web-
page. The key phrase: We encourage our Preferred Producers to add the phrase “Our production adheres to APP-NW Standards” to their casting notices. Preferred Producers are also free to use the APP-NW logo as an on-screen “bug” in association with their productions.
Only today Ron West of Workprint Productions Inc. signed up and here at the meeting we are supported by Martin Vavra, of Galaxy Sailor Productions and Erich Demerath, of Man vs. Film Productions. Thank you Preferred Producers for your support.

Let us make 2016 even more memorable – it is down to you the members! Thank you.