APP-NW Members – Vote For Your 2014 Board Of Directors!

Even Jane Russell thinks you should take part in the APP-NW Board of Directors election! Click here to vote!

APP-NW Members, the time has finally arrived to vote for your 2014 Board of Directors.

The candidates below are volunteering their time to guide the Alliance of Professional Performers in fulfilling its mission throughout the coming year.

The APP-NW bylaws stipulate that the board shall be made up of seven members: three non-union performers, three members in good standing of the extant performer’s union(s) and one member of either status.

The candidates are:

APP can be a link between the many facets of the film community in the larger Portland area by providing a framework of common practice and intent. The hope being that such a framework will create the mature growth of a solid community recognized by a standard of professionalism. I would like to be a voice in the conversation fostering such hope.

Lanie Hoyo, SAG-AFTRA

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as the Union Co-Chair.

I began working with APP-NW because the goal of raising the professionalism in our industry strongly resonated with me. I felt I could be of service when building up this amazing community and wanted to be on the ground floor of the movement. So much has been accomplished over the past couple years and so much more still to do. I look forward to all the changes and challenges to come.

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as a pre-Union member

I believe we are fortunate to work in a market where actors have the opportunity to shape and grow our local industry.  By working and standing together we have the power to increase the professionalism of our marketplace, improve the quality of our industry’s projects, and ensure we and our work are protected from the first day on set and everyday thereafter.

Harold Phillips, non-union

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as the Non-Union Co-Chair.

Actors are professionals, and the professionalism they bring to their workplace should be met by professional treatment IN that workplace.  The only way an actor can ensure that s/he will get what s/he needs, however, is to let those doing the hiring know what s/he needs – and be willing to say “no” to a job that doesn’t meet that requirement. That’s what APP-NW is all about: letting people know just what actors need to do their best work.

Yolanda Porter, non-union

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as the Secretary-Treasurer.

I began working with APP-NW mainly because I saw it as an opportunity to help others have a voice and raise the standards of our industry. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this movement that has accomplished so much building a stronger community.

I am a proud SAG-AFTRA member, seeking a seat on the APP-NW Board of Directors.

For over fifteen years, I have been working professionally as an actor in LA and Portland. I have had some amazingly awesome, comfortable, and positive experiences — and I have lived through some nightmares. Setting an expectation in the region among producers and content creators that actors are an important part of the process, worthy of fair compensation and working conditions, is my priority as a potential board member.


It would be my honor to continue to serve on the APP-NW board of directors as the representative from the SAG-AFTRA Local Board.

The goal of APP couldn’t be simpler or more important: Bringing all performers together to support a standard of working conditions across the community contributes to higher quality work.  Performers work hard for producers who care enough to provide safe and comfortable working conditions.  Producers work hard to provide safe and comfortable working conditions for performers who stand together to uphold those standards.

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as the representative of the OMPA Talent Committee Co-chair and as a member of the OMPA Board.

Whereas this is not a requirement of the APP-NW constitution, the two organizations do share many common goals and represent a core constituency. We consider close liaison a benefit to the APP-NW membership. This proved valuable at the recent “Oregon’s Got Talent” where APP-NW spearheaded the educational and workshop elements of the Expo.

I continue my tenure as both Co-chair of the OMPA Talent Committee and as the Board representative for the Talent section of OMPA in 2014 and I am content to continue as a board member of APP-NW with liaison duties.

The APP-NW stands at an exciting moment.  Founded with vision and purpose, it’s now time to craft the foundation it will need to be an enduring force which benefits every Northwestern actor. I believe my experience can help. I served on the boards of The Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Creative Guild, West.  I was president of the Creative Guild for two years.  In that time we dramatically expanded the Guild’s stature and influence while also multiplying its once stagnant treasury fourfold.

It will take many hands to build an APP-NW that succeeds in its goal: professionals treated professionally.

I would like to add my hand to that worthy effort.

Performers who are members of the Alliance of Professional Performers NW are eligible to vote online for the organization’s Board of Directors.  In order to vote performers will need to enter a special code which will be emailed to them.  Performers who do not receive this special code by 12:00 PM on February 6th, 2014 should contact the Elections Committee by sending an email to

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Voting will be open until 7:00 PM on Monday, February 17 2014. We look forward to announcing the results of this year’s election at the APP-NW annual meeting on that date!