APP-NW Welcomes Its New Board Of Directors At Its 2014 Annual Meeting

APP-NW Board Co-Chair Harold Phillips welcomes APP-NW members to the annual meeting.

APP-NW members gathered at the Northwest Oregon Labor Council on Monday February 17, 2014 for an historic event – the organization’s first annual meeting.  The APP-NW Bylaws stipulate that each year the organization will hold a general meeting to report the organization’s progress to its members, and to elect its Board of Directors for a new one-year term.

After a brief introduction to the movement and its goals the APP-NW Board had plenty of progress to report.  The heads of various board committees reported that in 2013:

The meeting didn’t just focus on APP-NW’s past accomplishments, however.  Plans for the coming year were also shared with the assembled members, including SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director David White’s visit to Portland next week, the upcoming Life On Set 101 workshop and 2014’s Oregon’s Got Talent!

Members were also encouraged to play a role in building APP-NW’s success by joining the board’s Communications, Outreach, Education, Elections, Preferred Producer, and School Outreach committees.  These committees are the engines that run APP-NW, doing the work necessary to fulfill the organization’s mission.  Any member can get involved by emailing and letting the board of directors know which committee s/he would like to serve on.  As Board Co-Chair Harold Phillips noted at the annual meeting, “there’s no ‘them.’  There’s only us – if we want to make this movement grow, we can’t wait for them to do it for us.”

One APP-NW member who volunteered to join the Elections Committee was Jennifer Rogers, who played a valuable role in this year’s annual meeting when she tabulated the results of this year’s board election. The 2014 Alliance of Professional Performers NW Board of Directors are:


Dennis Fitzpatrick Lanie Hoyo, SAG-AFTRA Lindsae Klein Harold Phillips
yporterYolanda Porter Todd Robinson, SAG-AFTRA crocarroChrisse Roccaro, SAG-AFTRA

After the election results were announced the new board thanked outgoing board members Christopher Toyne and Scott Rogers.  Mention was also given to  the many Northwest performers who have worked to build APP-NW to this point, including Robert Blanche, Mary McDonald Lewis, Michele Marianna, Tobias Anderson, Don Burns, Anita Barry, Jeanette McMahon, Jonathan McGinley, Bonnie Roseman, Laurie Slater, Jonah Weston, David Loftus,  Benjamin Farmer and Adrienne Vogel.  A very special thanks was given to former Committee chairs Karen Moulder and Duane Hanson and to former SAG-AFTRA executive director Nathaniel Applefield who played a major role in charting the development of this movement.

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual meeting – we look forward to growing this movement with you in 2014!