Be Aware, Northwest Performers – Pledge To Sarah and SAG-AFTRA Provide New Tools For Set Safety

SAG-AFTRA’s New 24-Hour Safety Hotline

You might remember that September’s #ActorsHappyHour was all about ensuring your (and your fellow performers) safety on set.  We had a rousing discussion of ways performers can watch out for each other (in fact, many in attendance wanted to keep talking about ways to ensure safety on set long after the event was over!)

It seems that we’re not the only ones taking set safety seriously – in recent weeks two new tools have been announced to help you stay safe on set (and report safety violations if need be.)

SAG-AFTRA recently launched a new 24-hour Set Safety Hotline number that performers can call for advice and help with unsafe conditions.  As the graphic above notes, reporting issues with working conditions, dangerous locations, or issues involving minors can be confidential at the performer’s request.

Meanwhile, has launched a new phone app available in both the IPhone App Store and the Android Play Store.  The app allows film and TV personnel to report safety issues, and gives them access to safety hotlines.  It also gives users the ability to upload evidence of unsafe working and access to CSATF Safety Bulletins so users can check for safety issues.  The organization has also added an “FAQ” for the app on its web site.

The Alliance of Professional Performers-NW believes that every performer deserves a safe work environment.  We urge all our members to utilize these new tools to keep themselves (and their fellow performers) safe and able to do their best work.