Be Aware, NW Actors – “Actors Models & Talent For Christ”

Photo: The Portland Mercury

Northwest actors may have seen billboards like this one in Portland, Seattle, and surrounding areas announcing auditions for Actors Models & Talent For Christ.

This is not the first time an organization like this has conducted “talent searches” in the Pacific Northwest.  Recently, some background information on this particular organization was shared on the PDXBackstage listserv, and we thought actors throughout the region could benefit from it.

Of particular interest were the following links to stories on Actors Models & Talent For Christ:,82992/

APP-NW members know there are no shortcuts to a career in the in the entertainment industry, and that things which appear “too good to be true” generally are.

Still, there are many people with “stars in their eyes” who may be drawn to the promises made by programs such as AMTC’s, and be willing to hand over $3895 – $4995 – to start with – for their chance at fame (or to serve their higher power.)  We hope that professional performers throughout our region will share this information with these hopefuls, and encourage them to research any coach or school they may be considering.