Happy New Year, APP-NW Members! Some Resolutions To Think About…

Now that our new year’s festivities are over, actors throughout the Northwest are setting goals and making plans for success in the coming year! If you’re the type to make new year’s resolutions, we on the Alliance of Professional Performers NW Committee have some suggestions for you:

– Resolve Not Just To Work More, But To Work On Better Projects! Now that our APP-NW standards are posted publicly, our members are taking the initiative when they discuss working on new projects! When they’re cast they ask, “does this project confirm with APP-NW standards?” Overwhelmingly the response from producers and directors is – “Yes, of course!” In fact, several producers have thanked those performers for giving them an easy list of things professional performers need so they can do their best work! When you’re discussing a new project with a production company, ask if that project will conform to these basic professional standards – you may be surprised at the response!

– Resolve To Stand Up For Yourself As A Professional – And For Your Fellow Actors! Unfortunately, not all projects conform to APP-NW standards. It’s ok to say “no” to these projects – doing so reminds production companies that you’re a professional (and it opens your schedule up for projects that will meet your professional standards!) Saying “no” also helps educate directors and producers about the basic needs of performers in the workplace, and helps to build a better working environment for every performer in our region! Yes, it’s always scary to turn down work… but doing so doesn’t “burn a bridge” – it lets producers and directors know what they should be offering the next time they want to cast you.

– Resolve To Spread The Word! Remember, we’re all in this together! The only way our movement will make a difference in the Northwest market is if our fellow performers stand with us! Poll your friends and fellow performers – do they know about APP-NW? Have they visited our web site? Have they “liked” our Facebook page? Do they follow us on Twitter? If not, help them join the movement – link them to these resources, and ask them to send us their contact information so they can join the list of performers making a change in our industry! (A good first step might just be to share this news post with them!)

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for professional performers in the Northwest, full of opportunities and growth in our industry. Lets all work together to make sure the industry grows in a way that’s good for everyone working in it!

We’re know we’re looking forward to working with you…

The APP-NW Committee