It’s YOUR Turn, NW Performers – Run For The APP-NW Board of Directors!

APP-NW Board Member Harold Phillips receiving the Megann Ratzow “Above and Beyond” Award For Service To The Community at the Oregon Actors Awards on October 12.

We were very proud to see APP-NW Board member Harold Phillips receive the Megann Ratzow Above and Beyond Award For Service To The Community at this year’s Oregon Actors Awards.

As Harold was quick to point out when he accepted the award, though, all he did to deserve such an award was what any actor should do.  Actors learn, through their work, to stand with their fellow performers; they learn to watch out for each other; they learn that any project rises or falls based on everyone involved doing their part.

Now you’ve got a chance to do your part, Northwest performers.  For nearly five years the Alliance of Professional Performers – NW has been committed to improving and increasing the level of professionalism within our industry and to protecting performers through the establishment of workplace standards.  The majority of this work is taken on by the organization’s Board of Directors and the committees overseen by the Board. Board members are responsible for guiding the organization’s activities, keeping it fiscally solvent, and making sure the organization adheres to its mission.

As you know, APP-NW holds Board elections in February of each year – and we’d love to see YOUR name on the ballot!  As per the organization’s bylaws, the Board consists of not less than five (5) and not more than nine (9) APP-NW members – half union, half not-union, and one of either status.  Board members are elected for two-year terms (though some members of the 2015 Board will only serve for one year to allow for “staggering” in future elections.)  A board member may serve for up to four consecutive terms.

  • To declare your candidacy (or nominate someone else for the Board) send an email to no later than December 31, 2014 (please put “Election 2015” in the subject line.)
  • Nominations must be accepted by January 15, 2015. 
  • Once candidacy for the Board has been officially accepted, a candidate statement is due by January 31, 2015 (to see examples of previous candidate statements, take a look at last year’s candidates for the Board.)
  • Candidates will be announced to the membership no less than 14 days before APP-NW’s General Meeting in February (date and location TBA.)

Online voting will open in February 2015.  Paper ballots will also be available at the General Meeting in February.  All votes need to be submitted by February’s meeting when the ballots will be tabulated and the winners will be announced.

The Alliance of Professional Performers – NW Board of Directors wants to be sure you know what you’re getting into when you declare your candidacy for Board service, so it’s opening the organization’s next two Board meetings on November 10 and December 8 to members who want to get more involved with the organization.  Board meetings aren’t formal affairs – you don’t have to worry about putting on your ties or fancy shoes.  These meetings are generally held from 6:00 – 8:00 PM (though members are encouraged to arrive a half-hour early so they can get re-connected and perhaps grab a bite to eat at the meeting location.)  To find out more about the location of these two open Board meetings, send an email to  (and please put “open Board meeting” in the subject line.)  We’d love to see you there so we can explain what’s involved with Board service.

Questions?  Contact us at  We’ve made great strides over the past four years by doing what actors do naturally – standing together, watching out for each other, and working together to create a community that is the envy of several markets around the country!  Bring your energy and your ideas to the APP-NW Board and help us continue to improve and increase the level of professionalism within our industry. Who knows – you could be standing at the podium during next year’s awards ceremony!

We’re looking forward to your nominations and candidacy!