Northwest Performers Say “Gimme Shelter” At May’s #ActorsHappyHour

May 19 was a sunny day in Portland – so sunny, in fact, the proprietors of Bar Maven in Southeast Portland opened the side-wall doors to let in some fresh air.  It seemed an odd day for professional performers to discuss shelter from the elements… but that’s just what happened at the May 2014 #ActorsHappyHour.

If you don’t like Northwest weather, the saying goes, just wait five minutes – it’ll change.  This topic was on many of performers minds that Monday evening…  Even though it was temperate that evening a thunderstorm had blown through the area one week before, and temperatures had surpassed 90 degrees the week before that!  Time is precious on professional sets, so the assembled performers agreed that if they were to do their best work a safe place out of the elements – with chairs to sit on and a secure place to store valuables – needs to be provided.  This allows them to focus on the work at hand, and not on how hot, cold, or wet they’ve become before production staff is ready for them.

“But how,” many asked, “do we bring this up with production?”  The best time to discuss this need is obviously before the production begins – by asking if that production will conform to APP-NW Standards.  Those standards lay out the need for shelter from the elements, a chair, access to a bathroom and drinking water, and a secure place to lock one’s valuables.

If a performer finds him or herself on a set without these things, however, everyone agreed s/he shouldn’t be afraid to pull the Assistant Director or Stage Manager aside to discuss the need for them.  Everyone on a professional set wants the same thing – to create an amazing production that will wow the audience and make all involved proud of it.  There’s nothing wrong with performers reminding production staff that secure shelter is a must if they’re to do their part in reaching that goal!

After everyone came to agreement on that point, they agreed on something else: it was time for APP-NW’s monthly raffle!  Take a look at what these lucky performers took home with them:

Congratulations to Yolanda Porter, who won a Tazo teapot!


Congratulations to Dominic Cicero who won a hair care package from The Phix Hair Studio!


Congratulations to David Emerson Jackson, who won an Actors Holdon Log!

Remember, #ActorsHappyHour is presented from 6-9 on the third Monday of every month by The Alliance of Professional Performers – NW, a movement of non-Union and Union performers committed to improving and increasing the level of professionalism within our industry and to protecting performers through the establishment of workplace standards. Be sure to mark your calendars for next month’s #ActorsHappyHour on June 16! We’re looking forward to seeing you there and keeping the conversation going!