NW Performers – Ask Your Local Candidates To Use Local Talent

Print this PDF and take it to the candidates running to represent you – ask them to pledge to use LOCAL talent in their advertising!
At our Actors Happy Hour, APP-NW  introduced an effort to educate local candidates running for office about hiring local talent for their campaign ads.
We distributed sheets with a simple one-line pledge candidates could sign stating that they would hire local talent for their ads:
“I, ____________________, pledge to my constituents that I will only use local talent for all my campaign advertising for the 2014 elections season.”
Click the graphic to the right to download a copy of the pledge, and take it to the people running to represent you in this year’s election!
APP-NW will publish on our web site the names of any candidates returning a signed pledge.
Don’t know who is running to represent you in the coming election?
2) Scroll to the bottom of the home page and enter your address in the “Search” box, then click “submit”
3) Click the link labeled “See upcoming election information only.”