Portland’s SAG-AFTRA Office To Close? We Need Your Voice, Every Letter Counts!

You’ve probably seen the news on the APP-NW facebook page regarding the closing of our local SAG-AFTRA office.  Well, we won’t give up that easily!  Join in at https://www.facebook.com/OccupyPortlandSagAftra, check out the letter below, write a note and help make sure our industry continues to thrive with every advantage!

Hello friends,

If you object to SAG-AFTRA national closing the Portland office and terminating our executive director, Nathaniel Applefield, please write national executive director David White today:
Feel free to express your own reasons for objecting. Specifics as to what we will lose now that David White has closed our office are below.
Once you have done so, please join OCCUPY PORTAND SAG-AFTRA on Facebook, and
post your letter there. The press is already interested in this story, and
seeing your letters to David White will only increase their focus.


– The leadership of Nathaniel Applefield, whom a senior staff (off record) described to me as “one of the finest executive directors in the entire country.”
– Robust internal organizing, which includes member orientations and flipping workshops
– Agency outreach
– Signatory outreach and industry relations
– Broadcast organizing, with the goal of new union broadcast shops
– External organizing, working with APP-NW
– Coalition building: our Local has become a leader in the community
– Legislative outreach and lobbying
In addition to those programs, here are some other things that will be adversely affected by office closure:
– Claims processing
– Set visits to ensure contract adherence
– Signatory assistance for both producers and performers
– Local negotiating
– Performer inquiries
This is just the beginning of Occupy SAG-AFTRA Portland. Please do write Mr. White a brief note today, won’t you?

We Want To Hear From You – What Professional Workshops Should APP-NW Offer?

APP-NW is gearing up for a series of workshops and discussions to give you the tools you need to be successful and empowered in your career. To do this, we need your suggestions! What do you need and want to learn about operating your business in this industry? What knowledge will help you be more confident and professional?

Our workshops will not focus on talent skills/improvement (i.e. how to audition, cold reads, improvisation etc.) There are many excellent teachers and workshops around town that offer these skills. Our workshops will be about the business of acting and how to handle the management of an acting career.

Some ideas (if any of these particularly interest you, let us know we’re on the right track and don’t forget to send us YOUR suggestions):

  • Identifying Your Personal Standards
  • You and Your Agent
  • Negotiation 101
  • Great, you’ve been cast!  Now what?
  • Acting as a Business

Talk to us via FB or shoot us an email atmailto:info@app-nw.org. Help us help you and use APP-NW to grow your business!

APP-NW’s President’s Day Bash Was A Rousing Success

North Portland’s Waypost Coffeehouse and Tavern was the place to be for Oregon actors on Monday February 18! Over thirty performers (and two agents) from around the Portland area gathered to mingle, network, and find out more about the Alliance of Professional Performers NW efforts to raise the bar of professionalism in our industry.

Drinks and smiles were shared aplenty, and the conversation flowed before members of the APP-NW Committee addressed the assembled performers. Harold Phillips gave a brief history of the movement, and encouraged Northwest performers to stand up for themselves (and their fellow actors) by asking for professional standards in their workplace. Nathaniel Applefield discussed those standards in detail, and Lindsae Klein introduced a new series of educational workshops APP-NW will be presenting in the coming year, including a new “Talent Expo” to be produced in conjunction with the Oregon Media Production Association’s annual Oregon’s Got Talent event! We want to know which topics you – professional Northwest actors – would like to see covered in those workshop sessions! Send an email to info@app-nw.org and let us know!

But that’s not all! The evening was rounded out by a lively Q&A led by Lanie Hoyo, and a raffle to raise funds for the organization and pay for the aforementioned educational workshops. APP-NW members Nathan Will, Anita Barry and Anthony Green helped support the cause and took home some fabulous prizes!

While the assembled performers left energized and ready to take charge of their professional careers, we know several of you weren’t able to make it to the event and are looking forward to attending the next one. Be sure to send us your contact information so we can keep you informed about APP-NW’s progress, and let you know about our upcoming events.

2013 can be the year of the Northwest Actor – lets make it happen together!

It’s That Time Of Year Again – Get Prepped For Tax Season!

There are only two things that are certain in life, as the saying goes… Death and Taxes!

Professional performers don’t work 9-5 jobs with a regular pay-check.  Because of this, tax time can be particularly daunting… which forms do we need to file?  Why (and how) should we be tracking our expenses?  What kind of tax bill might we be looking at on April 15?

APP-NW is collaborating with the Oregon Media Production Association’s Portland chapter to help answer these questions (and questions you may not know you had) with a special panel discussion on Tax Preparation For Freelance Creatives.

Monday, February 25

at Assurety NW Inc
8931 SE Foster Rd, Portland

Actor Harold Phillips will moderate a discussion with Michael Davidson of A&E Tax Service, Sandra Vincent, tax consultant from The Bookkeeping Company LLC, and Andrew Pollack of Ameriprise Financial Services.

This is a great opportunity to learn the best business practices from professionals who understand your unique situation as a freelancer.  Be sure to bring your questions!

The event is FREE for OMPA Members and $10.00 for non-members.

Seating is limited! RSVP (and ask your questions for the panel) at OMPA.org!

How Can Northwest Actors Live A Financially Stable Life? Find Out February 13!

The Alliance of Professional Performers NW wants to see Northwest actors do more than simply make a living – we want to see them live full, financially secure lives while working in their chosen field!

But how is a creative professional supposed to live a stable life while freelancing? Is there any way out of the “starving artist” trap?  APP-NW has joined forces with the Oregon Media Production Association to bring a group of experts together with the goal of helping creative professionals navigate the tricky waters of financial planning –

Wednesday February 13 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

at The Collective Agency 322 NW 6th Ave, 2nd Floor, Portland

You know you should:
Build your savings     *     Plan for the future …    *    Get out of debt
You know you want to:  
Stop dreading the end-of-the-month bills    *    Buy a house    *    Retire some day    *    Leave a legacy
And, you know the obstacles:   
 Irregular or low income    *    Uncertain employment    *    Odd work hours
Learn how to put the pieces together!
Moderated by:
Andrew Pollack, Financial Advisor
Bonnie Roseman, Real Estate Broker
Heather Benjamin, Real Estate Broker
Shell Tain, Personal Finance Coach
The event is free for OMPA members, $10.00 for non-members.

Join Us February 18 For An APP-NW Informational Meeting

Help Make 2013 The Year Of The Northwest Actor!

app_nw_logo-413x218The talent and professionalism Northwest actors bring to projects shooting throughout our region has played a role in elevating our industry to the national stage – and 2013 looks to be another great year!

We know you want our industry to keep growing… growing into an industry that will be good for everyone working in it!

We are the Alliance of Professional Performers NW – a movement of performers in our region committed to improving and increasing the level of professionalism in our industry, and to protecting performers through the establishment of workplace standards. You may have heard about our movement from a friend, you may have attended one of our meetings over the past year, you may be working hard to spread the word… however you know us, we want you to join us for an informational meeting:

February 18

The Waypost

3120 N Williams Ave.

6-9 PM

Meet the other actors involved in the movement. Find out more about the professional standards all actors should expect in their workplace, and learn about our upcoming educational events! Share your stories – and maybe a drink or two at the Waypost’s no-host bar!

RSVP on Facebook or at nppstandards@gmail.com and let us know that you can join us!

Happy New Year, APP-NW Members! Some Resolutions To Think About…

Now that our new year’s festivities are over, actors throughout the Northwest are setting goals and making plans for success in the coming year! If you’re the type to make new year’s resolutions, we on the Alliance of Professional Performers NW Committee have some suggestions for you:

– Resolve Not Just To Work More, But To Work On Better Projects! Now that our APP-NW standards are posted publicly, our members are taking the initiative when they discuss working on new projects! When they’re cast they ask, “does this project confirm with APP-NW standards?” Overwhelmingly the response from producers and directors is – “Yes, of course!” In fact, several producers have thanked those performers for giving them an easy list of things professional performers need so they can do their best work! When you’re discussing a new project with a production company, ask if that project will conform to these basic professional standards – you may be surprised at the response!

– Resolve To Stand Up For Yourself As A Professional – And For Your Fellow Actors! Unfortunately, not all projects conform to APP-NW standards. It’s ok to say “no” to these projects – doing so reminds production companies that you’re a professional (and it opens your schedule up for projects that will meet your professional standards!) Saying “no” also helps educate directors and producers about the basic needs of performers in the workplace, and helps to build a better working environment for every performer in our region! Yes, it’s always scary to turn down work… but doing so doesn’t “burn a bridge” – it lets producers and directors know what they should be offering the next time they want to cast you.

– Resolve To Spread The Word! Remember, we’re all in this together! The only way our movement will make a difference in the Northwest market is if our fellow performers stand with us! Poll your friends and fellow performers – do they know about APP-NW? Have they visited our web site? Have they “liked” our Facebook page? Do they follow us on Twitter? If not, help them join the movement – link them to these resources, and ask them to send us their contact information so they can join the list of performers making a change in our industry! (A good first step might just be to share this news post with them!)

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for professional performers in the Northwest, full of opportunities and growth in our industry. Lets all work together to make sure the industry grows in a way that’s good for everyone working in it!

We’re know we’re looking forward to working with you…

The APP-NW Committee

APP-NW Stands In Solidarity With SAG-AFTRA On Ashland-Based Bee Audio “Do Not Work” Notice

The Alliance of Professional Performers is a coalition of non-union and union actors, working together to improve our Northwest industry for all performers. Recently SAG-AFTRA released a “Do Not Work” notice pertaining to Ashland-based audiobook producer Bee Audio –


Bee Audio, based in Ashland, Ore., is producing books for various major publishers but is paying half or less than half the industry-standard rates to narrators per finished hour of recording and has refused to bargain, stating in a written communication to its narrators that to do so would “involve pay increases across the board” and opting instead to maintain its current “efficient business model.”

As such, and with the unanimous support of the SAG-AFTRA Audiobook Steering Committee, the SAG-AFTRA Executive Committee, and professional narrators coast to coast, the National Board of Directors has voted unanimously to issue a “no contract, no work” order against Bee Audio. Therefore, SAG-AFTRA members are hereby informed that no member may accept work as an audiobook narrator for Bee Audio and that violation of such order may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.

The Board resolution included a request to Actors’ Equity Association to support SAG-AFTRA in this effort by advising its members not to accept work as audiobook narrators for Bee Audio, in accordance with Article X(1)(f)(1) of the Bylaws of Actors’ Equity Association. (Read the entire notice here…)


While this “Do Not Work” notice is directed specifically at union members, the reasoning behind it is completely in line with our goal of improving and increasing the level of professionalism within our industry and protecting Performers through the establishment of workplace standards. As such, the APP-NW is asking its members to stand in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA on this matter.

Lets Get Social!

Follow Us On TwitterIn keeping with the public debut of our movement at Oregon’s Got Talent,  we’re moving to give the Alliance of Professional Performers Northwest a more public face, and make it easier to interact with!

Find Us On FacebookWe’ve recently launched a new Facebook page  and  a Twitter feed – be sure to “Follow” or “Like” as is appropriate!

Be sure to spread the word about our movement and these new social media pages, Northwest performers.  We’re looking forward to engaging with you, and to building a stronger Northwest industry for everyone!

APP-NW Made A Big Splash At Oregon’s Got Talent

APP Member Lanie Hoyo With Our Bi-Fold Card At Oregon's Got Talent 2012
APP Member Lanie Hoyo With Our Bi-Fold Card At Oregon’s Got Talent 2012

Were you at Indent Studios on Friday, September 28?

If you were, you saw the public introduction of the Alliance of Professional Performers NW to nearly 300 people working in Oregon’s film and TV industry – and members of the Oregon Legislature as well as state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

Not only were APP-NW members on hand to staff the table our organization shared with Portland’s SAG-AFTRA local, but the local’s Executive Director Nathaniel Applefield had a few things to say about the movement from the stage:

“We must, as a community, protect each other and foster our industry’s growth in a sustainable and professional way.

Unlike producers and crew members, I know that many of you walk onto set feeling mostly like an outsider.  For one, or three, or even 10 days, you focus on bringing the acting.  As you should.  And it’s difficult to speak up in that situation if you need something, like a chair – it’s hard to be alone.

As performers, you have such amazing power, yet you are rarely in a position to feel empowered.  Let me tell you, there is not a grip, or a gaffer, or a camera technician, or even a producer in this industry that makes a dime – if it were not for YOU, in front of the camera or on the mic.

Some have said that Portland could be “Hollywood North”.  I don’t think that’s exactly right.  We will be better than “Hollywood North”.  Portland isn’t an attractive place to film a project because we do it for less; our market is an attractive place to film because WE DO IT BETTER.

Over the past year, a new movement of performers has been developing – bringing hundreds of both non-union and union performers together to talk about our work, and the basic standards that professionals deserve in the workplace.  This organization is called the Alliance of Professional Performers, and it is a movement committed to improving the level of professionalism within our industry and protecting performers through the establishment of workplace standards.

What standards, you might ask?  Well, simple things, like… you deserve regular and timely meal breaks.  Like… you deserve a secure place to rest and get shelter from the elements.  These are not extravagant demands meant to scare our employers.  On the contrary, these things are simply what professional actors need in order to give their best work.

We don’t want to engage in a race to the bottom of working conditions and wages.  No!  We want to engage in a race to the top of professionalism.  So we stand together – as an alliance – to elevate our careers, our industry, and our work.”

Now that we’ve “gone public” it’s time to start spreading the word!  If you picked up some of our bi-fold information cards at the SAG-AFTRA and APP-NW table Friday night, be sure to pass them along to the actors you meet at auditions, on set, or wherever you encounter them.  Encourage people to visit the web site and find out more about the movement! We’ll be announcing our next big membership meeting in the coming weeks – be sure to keep an eye on the “News” section of APP-NW.org for all the details.