PDXBackstage Takes On The Topic Of Actor Pay

Portland-area actors, are you members of the PDXBackstage listserv?  PDXBackstage is largely focused on the Portland-area theater community, but casting calls and discussions about the local film and TV industry also take place there.

Yesterday a discussion began on a topic that’s very important to us – payment for actors!  Here are some selections from the post that started the thread:

…I wonder how it is that performers are one of the few “services” (considered in the highest sense, as ALL services ought to be) where it is acceptable to ask that folks work for free. Interestingly, the national conversation about interns is that we need to move away from unpaid, to paid internships, so even among the youngest, newest, least experienced workers, there is a growing belief (backed by some extant laws, I believe) that if you “work” for an individual or company, you must be paid.
…. My question is, how did it EVER become the case that of all the services on this planet, ours seems to be the only one where it is OK to work for free?


We thought you APP-NW members who are working to spread and uphold our industry standards might be interested in this discussion – and might want to join in!


Click here to see the discussion (additional posts are located at the bottom of the screen.)  To add your “2 cents,” just click “reply.”  If you have a Yahoo account you’ll be asked to log in and join the group.  We’d love to see some APP-NW members spread the word about our movement!