Portland’s SAG-AFTRA Office To Close? We Need Your Voice, Every Letter Counts!

You’ve probably seen the news on the APP-NW facebook page regarding the closing of our local SAG-AFTRA office.  Well, we won’t give up that easily!  Join in at https://www.facebook.com/OccupyPortlandSagAftra, check out the letter below, write a note and help make sure our industry continues to thrive with every advantage!

Hello friends,

If you object to SAG-AFTRA national closing the Portland office and terminating our executive director, Nathaniel Applefield, please write national executive director David White today:
Feel free to express your own reasons for objecting. Specifics as to what we will lose now that David White has closed our office are below.
Once you have done so, please join OCCUPY PORTAND SAG-AFTRA on Facebook, and
post your letter there. The press is already interested in this story, and
seeing your letters to David White will only increase their focus.


– The leadership of Nathaniel Applefield, whom a senior staff (off record) described to me as “one of the finest executive directors in the entire country.”
– Robust internal organizing, which includes member orientations and flipping workshops
– Agency outreach
– Signatory outreach and industry relations
– Broadcast organizing, with the goal of new union broadcast shops
– External organizing, working with APP-NW
– Coalition building: our Local has become a leader in the community
– Legislative outreach and lobbying
In addition to those programs, here are some other things that will be adversely affected by office closure:
– Claims processing
– Set visits to ensure contract adherence
– Signatory assistance for both producers and performers
– Local negotiating
– Performer inquiries
This is just the beginning of Occupy SAG-AFTRA Portland. Please do write Mr. White a brief note today, won’t you?