Still Thinking About Food, Northwest Actors? So Were We At November’s Actors Happy Hour!

Northwest actors at the November 2013 Actors Happy Hour at SE Portland's Bar Maven
Northwest actors at the November 2013 Actors Happy Hour at SE Portland’s Bar Maven

How was your Thanksgiving feast, Northwest Actors?  Did you fill your bellies and your hearts at the holiday table with friends and family?

Food and fellowship were the order of the day at The Alliance of Professional Performers November Actors Happy Hour too!  The wind and rain held off for the evening, and that allowed several Northwest performers to gather at SE Portland’s Bar Maven so they could reconnect with each other, enjoy some fantastic food and drink, and talk about the importance of nourishing food and meal breaks during productions!

Now, everyone assembled at November’s Actors Happy Hour knows producers have to work within the constraints of their budgets (and not everyone has the catering budget that GrimmWild, or other productions on that scale have!)  It’s not uncommon, though, for producers to put food for cast and crew far below other budget priorities – and this can be a mistake if those producers want a happy, efficient set!

As the evening’s discussion went on the assembled performers came up with some important guidelines for producers to consider when budgeting for their next production – and at least one producer in attendance thanked APP-NW for helping to clarify just how important meals are in the creation of high-quality work!

The evening wasn’t all about business, though – we also raffled off some great prizes to help the professional performers in the room excel at their business in the coming year:

Congratulations to Brian Gotts who won a tea pot to help him relax after a long day’s shooting!


Congratulations to Linda Kay Gross who won a travel mug to keep her warm on the way to set!
Congratulations to Michael Biesanz who won a six-month subscription to Performer Track!

Be sure to mark your calendar for next month’s event on December 16th, when we’ll be celebrating your successes in the year that’s passed! We’re looking forward to seeing you and your fellow performers there!