OPIF/iOPIF up for renewal/expansion soon!


    It’s time to let your state senators and representatives know how important Oregon’s Film Incentive Programs are to our    community.  APP-NW Advisory Board member and OMPA Government Affairs Committee Member, Harold Phillips, filed this  report:

A bunch of us went down to Salem on Monday (May 18) to talk to the legislature about increasing the Oregon Production Investment Fund (the state’s film incentives) – which would result in more work for Oregonians,  AND an increase to the “indigenous OPIF” that supports Oregonian projects.

iOPIF-Logo-small  Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to the news you know that the state is dealing with a lot of financial stresses – education funding, the rejection of the legislature’s recent “tweaking” of the PERS system, the “Kicker” refund… it’s important that people working in the industry take a moment to contact their legislators (you know who your state legislator is, right? If not, find out here: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/FindYourLegislator/leg-districts.html ) and ask them to support HB2072HB2898 and SB872.    (you can click on the links to find out what the individual bills do.)


The most import thing here is “make it personal.” Tell your story about why our industry is important.


When talking to legislators:

–           Make a connection.  The most important thing you can do is articulate what you do for a living and what your professional aspirations look like.

You are the human face of our industry; help legislators understand your work and your life.

–           Create a story arc.  Explaining the growth of our industry over the last 5-10 years from your perspective will really help legislators see how the

Oregon Production Investment Fund affects the lives of Oregonians.  Connecting what you do directly to the incentive program can also help

reinforce the human angle.
–           Thank them.  We want to assume support, and we’ve always had the support of the legislature.  Thank them for supporting our growing industry

and community.

Don’t know what to say?  Here are a couple of “talking points” from Oregon Film and the Oregon Media Production Association

–           We aren’t just attracting business from out-of-state, we are building a sustainable industry for Oregon.
–           Last year alone, a $10 million investment from the state created $135 million in economic activity.
–           In the last five years, our industry has seen a 69% increase in employment, with an average wage of $43k.
–           Oregon contains over 350 companies in media production.
–           Oregon now ranks in the top 10 for interactive gaming, partially thanks to iOPIF.
–           Demand to shoot film and television in Oregon is at an all-time high, but our incentive fund is tapped out within weeks resulting in work being

turned away.
–           Our rebate rate ranks in the bottom 3rd of states who offer incentives, yet we still win the competition.  The size of our fund is what limits the

growth of our industry.
–           As a rebate program, dollars must first be spent locally on goods and services before incentive money is used.  This is both efficient for

producers, and good policy for Oregon.
–           Programs like Wild, Grimm, and Portlandia have a very large positive impact on tourism, essentially free advertising for Oregon.

Remember, folks, democracy isn’t a spectator sport.  If you want the state to keep supporting film and media production in Oregon – which results in jobs for all of us working in that end of Oregon’s entertainment industry – we have to get involved.  It only takes a few minutes to email your legislators!

Harold Phillips

APP-NW and NW REGIONAL LATINO THEATRE ALLIANCE would like to invite you.

seattle latinos    Milagro theater     OSF_Logo


Hello Theatre­Makers of the Pacific Northwest

We hope 2015 finds you well. As you may know, last year marked the 1st Annual NW Regional Latino Theatre Auditions (Equity/ Non Equity) organized by Seattle’s eSe Teatro, hosted by A Contemporary Theatre. We were thrilled that there was participation by all the major theatres of Seattle as well as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and small theatres as well. Over 30 Latino actors attended from Seattle, Portland, LA, Chicago and New York, and at least 10 actors were cast as a direct result of this initiative. A wonderful article in the Seattle Times marked the importance of this event. You can read the article here.

We are pleased to officially announce the 2nd Annual NW Regional Latino Theatre Auditions!

Over the past years we’ve all had conversations in different forums about multicultural casting and the challenge of finding talent for ethnically specific plays. We have talked about our desire to support diversity and expansive casting in the Northwest both at large and small theatres, and the importance of strengthening ethnically specific theatre organizations. We believe this is what keeps theatre in the NW region vibrant, relevant and representative of our expanding population. The aim of the NW Regional Latino Theatre Alliance is to connect Northwest theatre makers by sharing resources, information and artistic expertise.

We trust this initiative will be echoed in other parts of the country.

 All the major theatres of Seattle will be in attendance, as well the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Portland Center Stage and Milagro of Portland.

Actors are welcome to present in English, Spanish, bilingual or Spanglish. You will have three minutes total to present up to two contrasting monologues, contemporary and/or classical. You will be timed. Don’t feel obligated to use a particular accent or Spanglish. Choose what you think represents your talent best. If you present a monologue in Spanish, you MUST also present a monologue in English. Not all auditors speak Spanish and we want to make sure that the full scope of your talent is understood. For a time slot please write to ​info@eseteatro.org​ and put NW REGIONAL LATINO THEATRE AUDITIONS in the subject line. Actors traveling from Oregon (or farther) will have a preference for afternoon slots. You will receive a reply with instructions and a time slot within a week. If you have any questions, please write to ​info@eseteatro.org

Hosted by ACT Theatre ​(700 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101)​April 18th, 9am ­ 5pm.

Welcome 2015 Board


APP-NW members gathered at WineUp On Williams on Tuesday February 17, 2015 for the organization’s second annual meeting.  The APP-NW Bylaws stipulate that each year the organization will hold a general meeting to report the organization’s progress to its members, and to elect its Board of Directors. Since the Board modified the organization’s bylaws to increase the number of seats, there is no contested election this year and everyone running for a Board seat has been elected.

After a brief introduction to the movement Board Co-Chair Chrisse Roccaro thanked host Wine Up on Williams, drink sponsors Blue Seraph Productions and food sponsor SAG-AFTRA.

The heads of various board committees reported that in 2014 the organization’s accomplishments were:

Members were also encouraged to play a role in building APP-NW’s success by joining the board’s Communications, Outreach, Education, Elections, Preferred Producer, and School Outreach committees.  These committees are the engines that run APP-NW, doing the work necessary to fulfill the organization’s mission.  Any member can get involved by emailing info@app-nw.org and letting the board of directors know which committee s/he would like to serve on.

The 2015 Alliance of Professional Performers NW Board of Directors are:

Darius PierceDarius Pierce, SAG-AFTRA Lanie Hoyo, SAG-AFTRA LoreleiKennedyLorelei Kennedy Priscilla ProsserPriscilla Mohan Prosser
yporterYolanda Porter Christopher Toyne crocarroChrisse Roccaro, SAG-AFTRA Michele-Mariana-copy-246x300Michele Mariana, SAG-AFTRA 
1614491_985082791518958_8089604069196251049_oLinda Kay Gross

After the election results were announced, the new board thanked outgoing board members Harold Phillips and Dennis Fitzpatrick. New board members Michele Mariana and Linda Kay Gross were appointed by the new board after the election.

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual meeting – we look forward to growing this movement with you in 2015!

An Open Message To The Alliance of Professional Performers NW From Outgoing Board Member Harold Phillips


Dear Alliance of Professional Performers NW Members

More than four years ago I was lucky enough to attend a Portland AFTRA meeting. At that meeting an audacious idea was brought forth – that all performers in our region, union and not-union, deserved the same basic standards in their workplaces. Since that first meeting it’s been my privilege to play a role in the formation and growth of the Alliance of Professional Performers NW. The time has come, however, for me to step back from the board and join you as a member-at-large.

I know that with the election of the 2015 Board of Directors, our movement is in very good hands. That being said, it’s important to remember that the Board is not APP-NW. APP-NW is us – the members of the organization… and we members all have to do our part to keep the organization growing and effective. Not everyone has the time or temperament for Board service, but all of us can do a few simple things to help fulfill APP-NW’s mission of protecting performers and strengthening professionalism within our regional industry.

·         We can spread the word about the organization – whether we’re at an audition or on set, we can all talk to our fellow performers about this movement. It’s as simple as asking a fellow performer, “have you heard about APP-NW?” You might be worried that you’re not prepared to answer your fellow performers’ questions about the movement – but downloading a copy of our information cards (http://www.app-nw.org/?page_id=75) will help you with that!

·         We can wear our APP-NW buttons – Those pins you get at Actors Happy Hour aren’t just a way to get discounts on your drinks – they’re a visual reminder to the world that you’re a professional. People who see those buttons can expect you to be a professional on the job – and they know that you deserve to be treated as a professional in the workplace.

·         We can talk to each other, and we can look out for each other – As the saying goes, “if you see something, say something.” Too often, though, performers are afraid to speak up when they’re put in dangerous situations or when they know someone in the industry doesn’t deal fairly with those s/he works with. We’re trained to trust our fellow cast members when the cameras roll or the curtain goes up on our performances – be worthy of that trust off the set, too. Stand together and make sure your fellow performers are safe.

·         We can ask for what we deserve – When a director or producer says s/he wants to work with you, thank them and then ask, “does your production conform to APP-NW Standards?” (http://www.app-nw.org/?page_id=13) It’s as simple as that. Chances are, this director or producer will say, “yes, of course” – because APP-NW standards are just common-sense standards that everyone should have in their workplace. If they say no, however, ask, “why not?” Find out what s/he finds so disagree-able, and then educate him or her. You know why a performer needs a place to lock up his or her valuables, a meal, a place to sit down… help this producer or director understand why these basic requirements are so important.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you – this last one isn’t so “simple.”

·         Say “No” – This is often the hardest thing for a performer to do – but it’s also the only power we, as performers, have. If you’re a union member and you’re asked to work “off the card” or to go “Fi-Core,” say “No.” Union or not, when you’re offered a position that doesn’t meet your personal standards, say “No.” When you hear that one of your fellow performers turned down a job because it didn’t conform to basic APP-NW standards, say “No.”

I know… I know! Performers are often afraid to say “No,” because they’re afraid they won’t work again… because they’re afraid they’ll get a “reputation.” Consider this, though – the reputation a performer gets by saying “No” is the reputation that s/he has standards… that s/he won’t compromise those standards merely for a chance to work, or for an IMDB credit, or a few dollars in the pocket. A performer like that has integrity, and integrity draws the type of people a performer wants to work with. Integrity makes people enjoy being on set with a performer. Integrity makes audiences want to see a performer. As performers, we don’t have a lot of control in our careers… but we do have control over our integrity.

Remember, the Alliance of Professional Performers NW is all about helping performers – and just like we stand together on the set, we have to stand together as we work to realize APP-NW’s mission. If everyone in the membership works together, we can improve and increase professionalism in the Northwest market – and we can make sure that our industry is fair and equitable for everyone working in it.



NW Performers – What Has APP-NW Done For You In The Past Year? Find Out At Our Annual Meeting February 17!

The APP-NW Board of Directors addresses the membership at the 2014 annual meeting
The APP-NW Board of Directors addresses the membership at the 2014 annual meeting

2014 was quite a year, Northwest performers.

We celebrated our successes and we came together in tragedy.  We lifted each other up and we stood together to show the world just how strong the Northwest’s acting community is when we work together.

The Alliance of Professional Performers NW has had quite a year, too – we’ve partnered in some important events, we’ve raised awareness about issues performers face in our industry and we’ve even been featured on local television!

The APP-NW movement is growing, but there’s still plenty of work to do.  Our members play an active role in improving and increasing the level of professionalism within our industry and protecting performers through the establishment of workplace standards – and they do that by asking one simple question when considering a new project:

“Does your production comply with APP-NW Standards?”

We want to let our members know just how much progress their efforts have brought about – and we want to give performers who may now know what APP-NW is all about the chance to find out more about the movement!

Join us on Tuesday, February 17 from 6 – 9 PM for APP-NW’s 2015 Annual Meeting!

  • Find out more about the movement
  • Learn how APP-NW has helped to change the Northwest market in the past year
  • Have your questions answered by the APP-NW Board of Directors
  • Be the first to hear the results of our 2015 Board Of Directors election
    (Become a member at the Annual Meeting and you’ll have the chance to vote as well!)
  • Find out what you can do to help APP-NW reshape our market

The 2015 Annual Meeting will be held at Wine Up on Williams – 3037 N Williams Ave., Portland OR 97227

6:00  Social meet-and-greet with complimentary hors douvres and “no-host” bar

6:30  Business commences

But wait – what about #ActorsHappyHour?  There’s a reason our Annual Meeting is being held at Wine Up on Williams this year.  We know you look forward to the third Tuesday of the month so you can meet up with your fellow performers and get caught up on all that’s happening in your lives and the industry – Wine Up is happy to host APP-NW members for the rest of the evening after the meeting’s business concludes!  They promise not to kick us out until at least 9:00 PM!

We hope you’ll join us on February 17 to find out more about APP-NW and what it’s done for Northwest performers over the past year – and what we plan to do in the coming year.  We can’t do it without you, so please RSVP at our Facebook page and let us know you’ll be attending!

We look forward to seeing you there!

APP-NW Members – Vote For Your 2015 Board Of Directors!

It’s YOUR organization, Northwest performers – vote for who you think should lead it!

APP-NW Members, the time has finally arrived to vote for your 2015 Board of Directors.

As our market changes, we need a Board of Directors who can help guide the Alliance of Professional Performers in fulfilling its mission throughout the coming year.  The candidates below are volunteering their time to build a stronger Northwest entertainment industry that is fair and equitable for everyone who works in it!

The APP-NW bylaws stipulate that

    1. The Board shall consist of not less than five (5) and not more than nine (9) members of The Organization, and
    2. The Board will, at all times, be composed of an odd number of members. These members will consist of an even number of not-Union performers and members-in-good-standing of the extant performer’s Union(s), with an additional member of either status.

So, with that in mind APP-NW members, meet your candidates for the Alliance of Professional Performers NW Board of Directors:

Lanie Hoyo, SAG-AFTRA

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors and chair the Outreach Committee.

I began working with APP-NW because the goal of raising the professionalism in our industry strongly resonated with me. I felt I could be of service when building up this amazing community and wanted to be on the ground floor of the movement. So much has been accomplished over the past couple years and so much more still to do. I look forward to all the changes and challenges to come.


Portland often asks for much time and energy from it’s  performers for  little to no pay and it’s an unfair question.  The answer, however, is simply to be a part of a movement that creates time and space for artists to thrive and be compensated not only fairly, but consistently.

As a candidate I bring over 15 years practical business and financial experience combined with 25 years theatre experience; I understand the best, and the not-so-best, parts of each world and would like to put it to use in the community to further the mission of APP-NW.


Darius Pierce Darius Pierce, SAG-AFTRA/ AEA

I fully support the important, on-going work of APP-NW to improve professionalism and workplace standards, which will, in turn, improve the quality of our work. These goals will also be aided by a strong, connected community.

Our community is both stronger than most and still disparate. I believe that APP-NW has the potential to be a hub – primarily focused on professionalism and standards – that brings people together. Union and non-union, experienced and novice, tea drinker and coffee drinker for productive conversation and action.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Yolanda Porter, not-union

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as the not-union Co-Chair.

I began working with APP-NW mainly because I saw it as an opportunity to help others have a voice and raise the standards of our industry. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this movement that has accomplished so much building a stronger community.

Priscilla Prosser

Priscilla Mohan Prosser, not-union

Raising awareness and increasing the membership are two areas that I believe would strengthen APP-NW. Once actors see the benefits of Membership, they will spread the word within their community. Monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, agents, acting teachers, casting directors, producers and writers would boost attendance and encourage new members, and encourage current members to become more involved and bring fellow actors to meetings.

Safe working conditions and mutual respect for all in our community should be emphasized and encouraged starting at the Film Schools.

These are the areas I would work on if elected.


I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors as the Union Co-Chair.

It would be my honor to continue to serve on the APP-NW board of directors. The goal of APP couldn’t be simpler or more important: Bringing all performers together to foster a standard of working conditions across the community to support the highest quality work. Performers work hard for producers who care enough to provide safe and comfortable working conditions. Producers work hard to provide safe and comfortable working conditions for performers who give them their best work and who stand together to uphold those standards.

I currently serve on the APP-NW Board of Directors.

As a founding member of APP-NW and a past vice-president and board member of the Oregon Production Media Association, having founded and co-chaired its Talent Committee, I believe I can bring a community voice to the board of APP-NW. Both as an actor and as a working producer, currently both developing a television mini-series in Los Angeles and bringing an I-OPIF funded feature film sequel to Oregon, I will enjoy working as a liaison between actors and preferred producers, building strong alliances across the gamut of our craft.

Performers who are members of the Alliance of Professional Performers NW are eligible to vote online for the organization’s Board of Directors. In order to vote performers will need to enter a special code which will be emailed to them. Performers who do not receive this special code by 8:00 PM on February 10th, 2015 should contact the Elections Committee by sending an email to elections@app-nw.org.

Click here to vote now!

Voting will be open until 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 17 2015. We look forward to announcing the results of this year’s election at the APP-NW annual meeting on that date!

What’s The State of YOUR Union, NW Actors? Tell Us At #ActorsHappyHour January 20 (At A New Location!)

President Barack Obama Addressing Congress At The State Of The Union Address
Photo: OregonLive.com

On Tuesday January 20 president Barack Obama will give the US Congress, and the nation, his State of the Union address.  This yearly ritual, full of pomp-and-circumstance, isn’t just a chance to report on how things have gone in the past year – it’s a chance for the president to announce bold new initiatives and goals for the future in an effort to move the country forward.

You may not have thought about it, but we professional performers have a similar ritual at the beginning of each year – we look back on what’s worked (and what hasn’t) in the previous year, and we set goals for the coming year that will move our lives and careers forward!  We don’t generally announce these goals in front of national television and a joint session of Congress – but we know that keeping these goals to ourselves can sometimes “let us off the hook…” sharing our goals with others help us to solidify them in our minds – and even helps to keep us accountable to ourselves.

So, NW performers, we’re asking you to share YOUR 2015 state of the union with us at the first #ActorsHappyHour of the year at a new location: Wine Up on Williams in at 3037 N Williams St. in North Portland.  Join us from 6 – 9 pm on Tuesday January 20 and let us know how you’re going to build on the successes you shared with us in November!

The president’s State of the Union speech will be playing on the televisions upstairs, in case you need inspiration, and Wine Up on Williams has prepared a special happy hour menu for APP-NW members (remember to wear your APP-NW pins, or get them at the door!)  After the speech, join us downstairs in Wine Up’s special event room and tell us how you plan to move your career forward in 2015!

We’ll also be raffling off some tools to help start your year off right, including

  • One hour of free tax consultation from The Bookkeeping Company – a Bookkeeping and tax service that “gets” the special needs of performers
  • An Actor’s Holdon Log – the perfect “paperware” tool from the makers of PerformerTrack to help you track your auditions, callbacks and bookings in the year to come!

Don’t forget, raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 7 for $5.00 – and if you bring a performer who’s never attended an #ACTORSHAPPYHOUR we will give you a free ticket for the raffle!

Please RSVP at our Facebook page so we know you’re coming – and be sure to share this post with every actor on your list!  We’d love to give you a free raffle ticket – and we’d love to hear your goals for the coming year!

Charles Dickens Has A Special Holiday Offer For APP-NW Members!

Thom Bray as Charles Dickens in his Victorian Reading of A Christmas Carol
Thom Bray as Charles Dickens in his Victorian Reading of A Christmas Carol

The holidays are upon us, NW performers, and it’s time to celebrate!  Of course, celebrating the holidays can be a challenge for professional performers – while everyone else is out reveling, we’re often hard at work entertaining those holiday revelers!

Veteran actor Thom Bray knows this.  That’s why he wants to give APP-NW members a chance to make the season merry with a special discount on tickets to his Victorian Reading of A Christmas Carol at The Old Church on December 22 at 12:00PM.

In the middle of the Victorian age, Americans flocked to church halls, theatres and auditoriums to hear Charles Dickens give a dramatic, solo rendition of his classic holiday tale, A Christmas Carol.

Thom Bray recreates Dickens’ solo performance in the tenth annual production of A Christmas Carol at The Old Church, itself a late Victorian landmark.  Working from the text of the author’s original reading copy, Bray faithfully re-creates the theatrical experience that Dickens’ Victorian audiences had!

The Oregonian said of Bray’s performance, “No ghostly apparitions floating down from the fly space or up from a trap door. No street-scene crowds or wooden crutches. Just a room, a text, a voice and the audience’s imagination.” (Bob Hicks, Oregonian, December 17, 2005.)

“Dickens was a frustrated actor, and quite good, from all reports,” says Bray, who will climb into full Victorian evening dress for the performances. “He loved performing this piece, and his audiences adored seeing him play all the parts.”

The piece requires the audience’s imagination. “That’s what I love about it,” says Bray. “Sure, a big lavish production is nice, but by going back to the way the author first shared his favorite work with audiences, magic happens.”

As a professional performer himself, Thom knows how important it is for performers to be treated well in their workplaces.  Because he supports The Alliance of Professional Performers – NW’s mission, a portion of the tickets you purchase from PDXChristmas.com (or by phone at 1-800-838-3006 – ask for event #892695) using discount code APP will be donated back to APP-NW so we can continue our work in the new year!

The holidays are a time for people to come together – and performers coming together is just what APP-NW is all about!  So take a moment out of your busy holiday schedules, NW performers, and join your fellow performers at a theatrical experience you won’t forget!  You’ll be helping The Alliance of Professional Performers – NW, and you’ll be giving yourself a chance to take part in the holiday festivities… before you get back on stage or in front of the cameras to bring the holidays to other people!

Happy holidays from The Alliance of Professional Performers – NW!

It’s Time To Give Thanks For Your Successes in 2014, NW Actors! Join Us At #ActorsHappyHour November 18!

Celebrate 2014It’s been a great year, Northwest actors – and we want to hear about the successes you’re giving thanks for at the final Actors Happy Hour of the year!

In January, we asked you what your goals for the coming year were… well, it’s time to look back at the “year that’s been” and see if 2014 matched – or surpassed – your expectations!  Join us downtown at Cassidy’s Restaurant on Tuesday, November 18 from 6 – 9 PM and share your success stories from 2014 – did you make connections with important industry players?  Did you spread the word about APP-NW‘s professional standards, and help your fellow performers do their best work on professional sets in the Northwest and elsewhere?  Did you reach a new career milestone, or help someone else build a stronger career?  Maybe your year went in an entirely unexpected direction, and you had to re-assess those goals you made back in January – what ever happened, we want to hear all about it!

Be sure to wear your APP-NW pins (or get them at the door) and expect some fine food and drink while we have a lively discussion… and do remember to bring a few extra dollars for our monthly raffle, where we give you the chance to win prizes that can help build your professional career like:

Don’t forget, raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 7 for $5.00 – and if you bring a performer who’s never attended an #ACTORSHAPPYHOUR we will give you a free ticket for the raffle!

Parking at Cassidy’s might require some pre-planning; we recommend that you take public transportation if you can, park at the SmartPark on 10th Ave, or leave plenty of time to look for metered parking.

As mentioned above, this will be our final #ActorsHappyHour of 2014 – but don’t you worry, we’ll be back after the holidays!  Be sure you’ve subscribed to our mailing list so you’re among the first to hear about our next #ActorsHappyHour location in January 2015!

Please RSVP at our Facebook page so we know you’re coming – and be sure to share this post with every film and TV worker on your list… we’d love to give you a free raffle ticket AND get a big group together to celebrate YOU!  We’re looking forward to seeing you next TUESDAY!

Don’t Forget, There’s ANOTHER Election Coming Up! Join Us At An Open Board Meeting Monday November 10!

So, how was YOUR election night, APP-NW members?  Still celebrating – or reeling from – the big national and local news?

Well, we wanted to remind you that there’s ANOTHER election coming up – and we need you to participate!  If you’re thinking of running for the Alliance of Professional Performers – NW Board of Directors so you can make a difference for performers in the Northwest’s growing entertainment industry, we’d love to see you at our first Open Board Meeting of 2014!

We need your energy and ideas to keep APP-NW growing – and we want you to know what’s involved with serving on the APP-NW Board and its committees.  Please make plans to join us Monday November 10!

Board meetings aren’t formal affairs – you don’t have to worry about putting on your ties or fancy shoes.  These meetings are generally held from 6:00 – 8:00 PM (though members are encouraged to arrive a half-hour early so they can get re-connected and perhaps grab a bite to eat at the meeting location.)

To find out more about the meeting and its location send an email to elections@app-nw.org  (and please put “open Board meeting” to the subject line.)

We’ll see you next Monday!