We Asked How You Get Copies Of Your Work – And You Told Us At October’s Actors Happy Hour!

actors-happy-hour2Great drink specials, killer homemade lentil soup; plenty of laughs, support and good times with fellow performers… it was the October edition of Actors Happy Hour at Bar Maven.

Between libations, food and catching-up with friends, we did manage to squeeze in time for APP-NW members to continue to flesh out and shape our standards. At September’s Actors Happy Hour our discussion lead to specific recommendations for actor pay. This month we delved into a topic we all know well – getting a copy of your work in a timely manner!

APP-NW standards note:

Professional performers deserve payment and access to their work in a timely manner. Performers should be paid within a reasonable amount of time, and should be granted access to clips of their work as soon as available.

More often than not, we’re told we will be given a copy of our work, but what if the project is never finished or it’s been over a year (or two) since you worked on the project… and you still haven’t been given access to your work? What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you (or doesn’t happen to you again)?! Amidst all the fun, we talked it through and came up with some great recommendations for answers to these questions.

After our short, productive discussion, it was back to sharing time with friends and drawing raffle winners for the Holdon Log Actors Logbook and two Oregon’s Got Talent tickets.

Looking ahead: November’s Actors Happy Hour will include more raffle prizes and, just in time for Thanksgiving when food is on every one’s mind, our discussion will turn to the next standard on the list:

Performers deserve regular and timely meal breaks. Performers should be provided a meal with reasonable dietary options at least every 6 hours of work performed.

(Speaking of food, we’re not sure if Bashar’s Mom will make more of her wonderful lentil soup but she always has fresh empanadas and house-made Lebanese fare. Not to mention, we just learned on FB that hookahs will now be available. See you next month!)