What’s The State of YOUR Industry, Actors? Tell Us At #ActorsHappyHour on August 18!

Downey_ArticleA recent guest-column published in the Oregonian has provoked quite a bit of conversation in Oregon’s film and TV industry.

The column’s author, Sam Downey, calls industry backers, legislators, and investors on the carpet for not doing more to grow a sustainable industry.

“There is no reason why we shouldn’t have a thriving film industry in Oregon. Our own industry,”  Downey writes.  “There are so many distribution avenues now that a film is no longer slave to a movie theater. This would mean that instead of a small percentage, all of the money made from the projects stay in our state… Every year politicians and investors are shown the incredible revenue that the entertainment industry brings to this state. And how do they react? The politicians make us schlep to Salem each year and grovel for a pitiful increase in tax incentives to keep our struggling industry alive another year, even though our film office can show how much potential revenue our state lost because our incentives are used up almost immediately.”

So, what do you think, Oregon performers?  Several projects and shows have recently wrapped, and several others are just beginning another season of production (plus there are lots of smaller projects always in the works!)  “How’re we doin’?”  What’s happened so far this year​?​  Did it meet our expectations​?​  ​What would add to our appeal as a place to produce quality work to increase our work opportunities?  We want to hear your thoughts at August’s Actors Happy Hour   and from your friends in the industry, too… anyone who performs, creates, produces, crews, casts or markets is invited.

While you’re at it, why not take a moment to invite your state legislators (and those running for their seats!) They’re the people who decide what sort of film incentives Oregon should offer to producers… we’d love to hear their take on things, too!

Join us at Foster-Powell’s Bar Maven from 6-9 next Monday, August 18, share a drink and a smile, and let us know what YOU think the state of Oregon’s film and TV industry as summer 2014 draws to a close.  As always Bar Maven’s owner, Bashar Farrah, is offering special discounts to APP-NW members (remember to wear your APP-NW pins, or get them at the door) so expect some fine food and drink while we have a lively discussion… and remember to bring a few extra dollars for our monthly raffle, where we give you the chance to win prizes that can help build your professional career, including:

  • A Tazo Tea travel mug to help you wake up for early-morning call-times
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Don’t forget, raffle tickets are $1.00 each or SEVEN for $5.00 – and if you bring a performer who’s never attended an #ActorsHappyHour we’ll give you a free ticket for the raffle!

Please RSVP at our Facebook page so we know you’re coming – and be sure to share this post with every industry worker (and legislative candidate) on your list… we’d love to give you a free raffle ticket AND get a big group together to discuss this VERY important topic!  We’re looking forward to seeing you next Monday!