When Is It OK to Turn Down a Role?

Legitimate reasons to choose not to do a role you’re offered:
Changes to the role: nudity, adding a physical activity that is dangerous, eating or drinking something you are allergic to, the role is now much smaller or different than the one originally auditioned for or has been made an “extra,” etc.
Personal/ business reasons: the director’s behavior was abusive, scheduling or location conflicts, salary changes, and/or the production feels unprofessional, etc.
If your instincts tell you that the job or the project is something to stay away from, listen to your gut and move on.
It is not okay to accept work when you are already booked to do something else, no matter how trivial. Your word is your bond.
Be the actor who takes every opportunity seriously, considers its value, and makes an informed decision, following your heart and mind. But go for most jobs with the commitment and enthusiasm needed. It is always okay to say no/ turn down a job. We are artists and should never feel beholden to others to take a job just to take a job. That said, just because you can turn down a job doesn’t mean you should. I have personally turned down projects with themes that don’t jive with what I believe. I have turned down projects that have bordered on the wrong side of the ethical fence with what I believe. Those situations are very few and far between, but they exist. I have turned down quite a few projects because I didn’t like the script or the story.
As actors, you should feel strong and safe enough to make the same choices. Yes, you have representation to answer to and you will have to have those difficult conversations with them. However, at the end of the day, it’s your name, your face, and your brand, and you have to be comfortable with the project/product. There are times when you should just suck it up and do it even though the project doesn’t check off every box. There are also times when it’s better to choose your soul and beliefs or even artistry over a paycheck or desperation. Be brave.