When’s The Right Time To Break The “4th Wall?” Share Your Thoughts with us At #ActorsHappyHour June 16!

Source – brentcoltharp.com

The story of actor John Lacy’s firing at Repertory East Playhouse in Santa Clara, CA spread like wildfire through social media last week.  Lacy was terminated for jumping off the stage and physically removing an inebriated heckler who had been yelling anti-gay slurs from the audience during a production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof; the production closed soon afterward when at least one cast member resigned in solidarity with Lacy.

Anyone who has performed for any length of time has encountered uncomfortable situations – and how we deal with those situations often help to define us as professionals (or not.)  That same week, for instance, Kevin Spacey stopped a performance in Baltimore to scold an audience member.

Incidents like these have provoked a lot of conversation on social media channels; some understand an actor’s need to take action, while others agree behavior like this is inappropriate (and that, in Lacy’s case, termination is warranted.)

What’s your take, Portland-area performers?  We want to hear your thoughts about these episodes and others like them at June’s Actors Happy Hour!  Join us at Foster-Powell’s Bar Maven from 6-9 next Monday, June 16, share a drink and a smile with your fellow performers, and let us know what you would have done in those situations… or what you did in similar situations!

As always Bar Maven’s owner, Bashar Farrah, is offering special discounts to APP-NW members (remember to wear your APP-NW pins, or get them at the door) so expect some fine food and drink while we have a lively discussion… and remember to bring a few extra dollars for our monthly raffle, where we give you the chance to win prizes that can help build your professional career!  Don’t forget – raffle tickets are $1.00 each or SEVEN for $5.00, and if you bring a performer who’s never attended an #ActorsHappyHour we’ll give you a free ticket for the raffle!

Please RSVP at our Facebook page so we know you’re coming – and be sure to share this post with every actor on your list… we’d love to give you a free raffle ticket AND get a big group of performers together to discuss this VERY important topic!  We’re looking forward to seeing you next Monday!